Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ask me how I know....

1.  Nothing horrific is going to happen if you take a blog-cation!  

I haven't blogged here or here for a week or so..

I just needed a break to get some stuff done!

And hell did not freeze over!


2.  Life is short. Live it to the fullest! 

My uncle who passed away at the (young) age of 73 left behind some words, 

among them..."I am a lucky man!"

I want to be just like him. 


3.  Life is short. Don't stay angry.  :-)

4.  Tshirt quilts are really not my thing. 

I was commissioned by a neighbor to make a tshirt quilt 

with the tshirts she had collected from her years on the high school swim team. 



5.  Never let your customer pre-cut her tshirts. OY.

quilt commissioned by a neighbor

6. Air cooling systems in cars are easier to understand than liquid cooling systems.

7. Even when you are strapped for time,
you can always find a few minutes to make one more thing!

Spring Performance
(next weekend is Sugarbaby's dance studio's spring performance and I volunteered to 
make a wall hanging for their silent auction).

8.  Take time to appreciate your surroundings.

Bike path bloom


Even if that means stopping a run early.

9.  Don't stay in bed when you have insomnia. You can get a lot done!

By 4 AM yesterday, I had mixed up a batch of electric blue and lemon yellow
and did some dyeing....

Dyeing fabric
row 1: low water immersion fat quarters
row 2: dyeing in a tray
row 3: my attempt at shibori
10.  I still love green!

hand dyed by folding fabric in triangles
(this was a piece of fabric that I folded into triangles and then immersed it in dye)

11. Not all ideas in your head are meant to be...

project gone wrong
(even though I used a hoop and stabilizer, the fabric is all scrunched!
Now you know why I was dyeing fabric green... our challenge is due soon!)

12. When you get butt dialed after bedtime on two consecutive nights
it is time to call that person and tell them to take you off their recently called list.
And don't just lie in bed, dye fabric!!!!

13.  Some days you just need to push yourself!

I have been a bit...uh...lazy lately
so I said to myself, today is the day to get it done!

14. If I blog too often, I don't get enough done!
Have a good week!



Pat said...

Terrific posts.....great points made......LOVE the little "dance" wall-hanging...and I, too, am a sucker for GREEN!

Renate said...

Whew! It looks like you have a full plate the green dye results...the dancing mice are really cute...and I love the close up of the dandelion...

patty a. said...

Life is sure coming fast! I say blog when you can and don't worry about the rest! I like making t-shirt quilts. People pre cutting the shirts is a pain, but it looks like you made it work! Now take a deep breath!

Vicki said...

I love the dandelion, too and the mice, and your scrunched up green creation. hope the performance goes really well.

Judy said... are amazing. Everything you do is done with such excellence...even the t-shirt quilt .... that you don't care for!

Mishka said...

The tshirt quilt looks fantastic. I'm sure your neighbour was thrilled with it .. even if you despised it. LOL

I have no desire to make one either!